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My Purpose


"Where should I devote my energy to, how can I create momentum?"

Did you know that Gandhi began his movement with a protest against a salt tax?

There are too many things we want to change in the world, but if we can't focus, we are overwhelmed and helpless. That's why Gandhi targeted fair governance first.

Clarity is the key to social change. Looking at purpose, with the help of  the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Human Right and other areas of human purpose, you define a clear target, an archimedic lever, the start of your journey:

What is your purpose?

My Impact

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"How can I create impact beyond the insular logic of business?"

How many people do you need to change the world? Sometimes its only one, if she is a whistleblower like Karen Silkwood, who unveiled the risk of nuclear plants in the 1970s.

More often it needs many people, many tools and a clever way to bring them together in an infrastructure for change. Our Impact models inspire and guide you by asking:

How do you create impact?

My Resources

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"It has never been more promising to fuel social change, how can I think and act beyond the obvious?"

Ressources are everywhere, they just need to be unleashed.

This is what Benny Adrion thought, when he linked selling mineral water to finance the cause of clean water and sanitation. And many other social entrepreneurs think in similar ways too!

Overcoming the false dichotomy of business and non-profit, leveraging technology for revolutionary funding models and adressing the rising global awareness for change. Building on our database of social changemakers we brought all the models together, to help you explore the question:

How do you mobilize resources?

My Culture

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"To create change, we need to create a culture of change: This starts with myself, the way I interact with people, and how I learn!"

Creating a good culture can be hard, but it is beautiful to witness, when people collaborate seemlessly towards a purpose.

Nelson Mandela's vision of a rainbow nation was one of the boldest in human history. From division, discrimination and destitution towards a nation in peace, embracing its diversity. He laid the foundation to make his vision of a new culture a reality.   

Culture is somtimes understimated. But, change does not happen without a conducive culture. To create this new culture, we need to open up, and reflect on our current culture: Our values, norms, what success means, and how decisions are made.  

What is your culture?

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