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Play the Slot Machine of Impact Cards

Updated: Apr 12

As a 20-minute team exercise for creativity and synergies

  • Get the creative juices flowing and develop synergies among team members

  • Playfully explore the world of social change

Idea of the game:

Teams are playing against each other to develop and pitch the most creative and impactful idea of an organisation - which is based on a combination of three cards - one purpose, one impact and one resource card.


You can play the game with a card set, or by using the slot machine on the homepage of

You do not need the Culture Deck for this game.

Steps of the exercise

  • Introduce the slot machine or the physical card set with the blue, red and green cards

  • Do a test run and show the group random cards by using the slot machine or the physical cards.

  • Read out the sentence, such as Let's secure access to sustainable energy ... by lobbying for good ... powered by sponsorships

  • Ask participants to come up with ideas for organisations that could work toward the purpose by using the specific impact and resource models.

  • Give 2-3 participants the chance to state their ideas. You can also mention your own idea.

  • This was only the test run.

  • Now, divide the group into smaller teams of 2-4 people.

  • Each of the teams will have to come up with an organisation that matches a combination of cards.

  • Each team gets one combination or a blue, red and green card, either physically or by playing the slot machine.

  • Tell the teams that they have 8 minutes to come up with a great idea. After the 8 minutes, they will get one minute to pitch their idea.

  • The pitch should include

a. name of the organisation,

b. The idea of the organisation

c. Why is the idea great, and will create a lot of traction?

  • Work in the teams

  • One-minute pitches of the teams

  • Appreciation and selection of the best team

  • Short reflection on the exercise

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